Shell Canada launches Quest carbon sequestration project

Capturing carbon in the quest for cleaner energy. A landmark new project from Shell Canada helps advance technology that could play a key role in the transition to a lower-carbon world.            READ MORE

Fashion from thermoplastic material

DETROIT -- Inteva Products commissioned fashion designer Janna Coumoundouros to produce four gowns using the same thermoplastic material used to cover the instrument panel surface of a number of automotive vehicles.  READ MORE

Electrical power from waste hydraulic energy

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia -- A new game-changing technology now being deployed at Saudi Aramco’s Hawiyah Gas Plant (HGP). A hydraulic turbine electric generator extracts hydraulic energy and turns it into electrical power. READ MORE

BP's Zhuhai 3 PTA plant in China reduces GHGs while improving efficiency

BEIJING – BP’s newly commissioned Zhuhhai 3 joint venture in Guangdong province is now producing PTA (purified terephthalic acid) with the lowest energy consumption per ton, and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering water use, and minimizing waste.      READ MORE