Solar steam offers unique value proposition for Bakersfield enhanced oil recovery projects

BAKERSFIELD, California – Oil companies engaged in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects in the Bakersfield area now have a new value proposition: Use solar steam to reduce EOR costs as well as curb emissions. READ MORE

Halliburton, Eclipse Resources reduce carbon footprint on longest U.S. lateral well

HOUSTON – Halliburton worked with Eclipse Resources to hydraulic fracture the longest U.S. extended-reach lateral well. This was accomplished using dual-fuel pumps that reduced fuel consumption by 40%." READ MORE

CarbFix project in Iceland converts CO2 into subsurface calcite

HENGILL, Iceland — A carbon mineralization project is underway in Iceland to dissipate carbon dioxide by reacting it with basaltic rocks to create calcite (limestone), a crystalline solid. READ MORE

ExxonMobil developing technology for remote detection of fugitive emissions

DOHA, Qatar -- ExxonMobil Research Qatar has partnered with a U.S.-based firm, Providence Photonics, to develop a Remote Gas Detection (IntelliRed™) technology. READ MORE

Advanced Dry Polymer blender eliminates hydrocarbon-based carrier fluid

HOUSTON -- The ADP™ Advanced Dry Polymer blender enables mixing any of Halliburton’s fracturing fluids using a dry polymer, eliminating the need for hydrocarbon-based concentrates. READ MORE

Optical gas imaging cameras being certified for new EPA emission standards

WILSONVILLE, Oregon – Optical gas imaging cameras are being certified to ensure compliance with EPA’s new methane emission standards, which recommend with an optical gas imaging camera. READ MORE

Clean Oil & Gas Success Stories

4th generation GTL technology: clean synthetic crude at half the capital cost

HOUSTON – A 4th generation gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology is now available with the promise of producing 100 BPD of light synthetic crude per 1 MMcfd of dry gas at about 50% of CAPEX. READ MORE

Low-viscosity motor oil to comply with EU emission mandate

FAIRFAX, Virginia -- ExxonMobil researchers have developed a low-viscosity motor oil that is better able to comply with EU reduced emission mandates without sacrificing engine protection. READ MORE 

Selective catalytic reduction cuts NOx up to 97%

AUGSBURG, Germany – MAN Diesel & Turbo offers selective catalytic reduction (SCR) as the means to comply with the stricter NOx regulations by the International Maritime Organization. READ MORE

Greenhouse gas emissions can be stored for 1,000 years underground, researchers report

MELBOURNE, Australia – Researchers at CO2CRC, a carbon capture and storage company, are confident that greenhouse gas emissions can be safely stored underground for up to 1,000 years. READ MORE

ExxonMobil reduces air emissions by 45% over 10 years

HOUSTON -- ExxonMobil’s combined emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) have decreased more than 45% over the past 10 years across all of its businesses. READ MORE

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