BP app allows UK motorists to buy carbon credits at petrol pump

LONDON -- BPme, the new BP fuels payment app launched in the UK, will allow motorists using the app to select a feature to offset the carbon emissions from their driving for less than the price of a coffee per tank. BP Target Neutral will manage the offsetting and balance customer emissions by buying credits in carbon reduction projects all over the world.

Andrea Abrahams, Director of BP Target Neutral said, “An average UK motorist driving around 7000 miles a year will emit around 2.62 tonnes of carbon1, so this option in BPme is a simple way for drivers to make a positive contribution to the climate challenge.”

When users select ‘Drive Carbon Neutral’ in the BPme app settings BP Target Neutral will send a link giving users the opportunity to offset their emissions by buying carbon credits from carbon reduction projects. It doesn’t cost much to make a difference – driving carbon neutral will cost much less than a coffee per tank.

BP Target Neutral will buy carbon credits from a number of carbon reduction projects around the world, including a tree planting and protection program in Zambia and a biodigester project in India.

Customers can also connect their Nectar account, view transaction history and locate their closest BP service station – all from within the app.

BPme is now available at more than 500 participating BP sites nationwide, with more sites being added weekly.

BPme is free to download, easy to use and is available for the latest versions of iOS and Android. For more information, visit www.bp.com/bpmeuk